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Civic Law

Principles of Commercial Law (2nd Edition)

By: Kibaya I Laibuta
Published By LawAfrica
Format: Paperback
For many years students and practitioners of the rather daunting and complex subject of commercial law have grappled with the problem of inability to access appropriate and straightforward statute and case-law based materials in various categories of commercial contracts and related subjects of common application in legal education and practice. Though widely taught and practiced, this vastly dynamic and captivating subject has continued to elude the attempt to embrace its general principles in a single textbook that meets the pressing needs of law undergraduates and students pursuing professional courses, and practitioners alike.

For the first time ever, general principles of commercial law have now been comprehensively discussed in a single textbook designed to equip students of law and other professional pursuits with easily accessible and fully comprehensible legal text and materials. The book covers the respective syllabi and adequately meets the needs of students of all disciplines in which contract and commercial law constitute an essential part of their curricula. Additional topics which complement business law have been included to cover other areas commonly examined in various professional courses.

The textbook provides a much-needed alternative to rather over-simplistic, largely unrevised, inadequately reasoned, and occasionally misleading works of domestic writers, and to the highly technical and overly intricate texts of other authors in the wider common law jurisdiction. The contents include: Sources of Law in Kenya; the Law of Persons; General Principles of the Law of Contract; Sale of Goods; Hire-Purchase Contracts; Bailment; Carriage of Goods; Guarantee and Indemnity; General Principles of the Law of Insurance; Negotiable Instruments; Agency; the Law of Partnerships; Intellectual Property; Property Law; the Law of Succession; Commercial Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution; Bankruptcy and Insolvency; and Limitation of Actions. Each chapter is followed by a revision exercise ideal for review and tutorial discussions.

The appreciable depth in theory and case law coupled with the aptness of the significant judicial decisions, and the methodical style with which the material is presented makes this ideal book priceless. The textbook is highly recommended for undergraduate students of law and other professional courses in business management and other specialist careers, such as Certified Public Accountants, Certified Public Secretaries, marketing executives, Business Administrators and general managers, among others. It is also an invaluable source of reference for practitioners in commercial law and contains a meticulously selected array of cases and materials which reflect the veracity of current legal practice. The book is a clear and comprehensive restatement of contemporary commercial law with a wide range of citations and references that make it of great value and interest to the lawyer.


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